Welcome to the Ukiyo-e ("picture of the floating world") section. Click on any of the three categories below (Bijinga and Kabuki Actors, Landscapes and Nature, or Legends and History) to browse through our selection of woodblock prints listed under that heading.

  • Bijinga and Kabuki Actors: Bijinga are portraits of beauty done by artists like Utamaro. They depict the symbols of beauty at the time. The famous japanese Kabuki theatre actors wore magnificent costumes and makeup, which made them very popular subjects for woodblock prints.
  • Landscapes and Nature: These prints show the many views of Japan, including scenes of Mt. Fuji, the moon over Kyoto and the large assortment of wildlife found in the country at the time. Such artists as Hokusai and Hiroshige were well-known for their works on the subject.
  • Legends and History: Artists like Kuniyoshi and Yoshitoshi documented Japan's rich history and mysterious legends in many of their woodblock prints, showing their great adventures and impacts on the history of Japan. Ghost stories, folk lore, and the master swordsman and strategist, Miyamoto Musashi are some to the subjects of their work.

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